Eats: Washington D.C.

Washington D.C., a city I hold near to my heart, never ceases to amaze me no matter how many times I visit. Boredom should have struck me by now but, yet I find myself entertained by restaurants, shows, bars, lounges, museums or activities both old and new. Even the weather entertains – one minute it’s warm with the sun shining bright, the next a snow advisory is in full effect. It’s all about going with the flow in this city and taking in the views of the historic architecture, Cherry Blossoms (in the Spring) and views of the Potomac River.

Let’s talk food.

The Hamilton – a first time visit for me witnessed an overwhelming crowd throughout the entire restaurant at 6:00 p.m. on a Saturday. I headed towards the door after hearing that the wait time to be seated would be over an hour. Just as I stretched my harm to open the door, I saw an open table in the bar area across the room. Let’s call it beginner’s luck.

I was hooked at the appetizers.

The breaded deviled eggs topped with smoked salmon is one of the top 3 appetizers that I’ve ever had. Seriously, ever! The flavors of the salmon and egg filling combined with the breaded texture was explosive.

Chicken wings tossed in a light sweet and tangy sauce- (a variation of DC’s infamous mambo sauce). Perfectly fried and flavored. If I knew how filling the appetizers were going to be, I wouldn’t have ordered an entree. Since I had some help, crab cakes with green beans came next. Unfortunately, the popularity of the restaurant caused a long delay between apps and the entree. Thankfully, good music was playing in the background and the wait staff offered excellent customer service.

I can’t wait to get back here – the bonus is that they’re open late!

Sunday Brunch with friends at The Carlyle

An American bistro with a twist on local favorites.

The Carlyle offers a diverse brunch menu on Saturdays & Sundays with a variety of Mimosas. Be sure to make a reservation to avoid waiting around in the lobby if you plan on inviting a group. They will only seat you if all parties have arrived.

If you like seafood, these brunch items are for you!

Crab Fritters for starters, followed by Salmon & Eggs – served with asparagus, home fries and hollandaise sauce.

I skipped dessert this time but, usually a slice of apple pecan pie ends up in front of me before I remove myself from the table, with a cup of hot tea on the side.

Shake Shack 🙂 is always a good move.


Last but not least, my favorite spot in the city – Ghibellina. Any occasion is appropriate for a visit.

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