Restaurant Week: Bermuda

Devil’s Isle was the first stop for Bermuda’s Restaurant Week. I had been there to grab a coffee and sat down for lunch a few times but, never tried their dinner menu.

Stepping through the door  immediately sets the mood for a mellow evening with the dim lighting and rustic decor. If you’re planning to have dinner here, call ahead to reserve a table –  it’s a cute space with limited seating (both inside and out).

Here are the three courses that I enjoyed from their specially crafted Restaurant Week Menu. (I’ll go back for options on the regular dinner menu – it’s quite extensive and I couldn’t make a decision soon enough. And of course, the purpose of my visit was to try dishes from the featured menu).

Appetizer:  Bermuda Fish Taco, served with tomatillo and cabbage slaw, tomatoes, cotija cheese, coriander, avocado, red onions, Bermuda nasturtiums and side salad.

Main Course: Bermuda Lobster and shrimp ravioli, squid ink pasta, local shitake mushrooms, and red cabbage, with tomato Rosemary sauce, roasted tomato and local butternut squash

Dessert: Bermuda Rum chocolate mousse served with marinated local strawberries

I usually don’t like fish tacos but these were great. There was a good amount of fish with each bite, garnished with fresh veggies that added extra zest to the fish.The main course was brilliant; full of flavor. The creamy tomato rosemary sauce was so good I wanted each piece of ravioli drenched in it with each bite. If you thought squid ink pasta would have an unusual taste, it doesn’t. It’s eccentric look has no affect on the pasta’s flavor. There was a good amount of large shrimp on my plate and paired well with the ravioli filling. Dessert? Fairly good, chocolate mousse is chocolate mousse, right? The strawberries weren’t as fresh as I had hoped but, weren’t bad either. I give it a 6 out of 10. My dinner companion had the Peanut Butter mousse and banana fritters with Devils Isle coffee caramel sauce – it ended up on my fork and was very good! The banana fritters were warm and crunchy, dipping it in the sauce made a fun dessert. I should’ve ordered that!

Now, I don’t demand steam rising from my plate when it gets to the table but, both the appetizer and main course were barely warm when I took my first bite. It was bearable but, would’ve been more enjoyable if the food was warmer.

The option of ordering a glass, 8oz or bottle of wine was a nice touch. Why order just one glass? After all, it was a celebration of two ladies enjoying a meal together, catching up on a few years that had flown by. The 8oz Merlot cleared the taste test and wasn’t too heavy for the meal.

Overall, great place to dine with fresh, quality ingredients in a quaint and stylish atmosphere. There are loads of healthy dishes on the regular menu’s as well. Customer service was excellent.

Until next time Devil’s Isle.

Bon Appetit.


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