Washington, D.C.: Nat’l Museum of African American History

After opening last September, the National Museum of African American History (NMAAH) has consistently been full of visitors. I finally got a chance to check it out last weekend.

If you want to follow the facts in chronological order, start in the basement where the beginning of the slave trade is documented; also showing what Africa was like before its coast was invaded by slave traders.

Travel along the timeline through Slavery and Freedom, Civil Rights, Pop Culture, Music, Sports, Education and more; witnessing the beauty of African American culture.

From slavery to entertainment, African Americans have overcome a series of obstacles throughout many generations, and are still faced with discrimination today.

NMAAH is a treasure for all to reflect and understand the African American culture.

Pictures are limited, go and see for yourself. Be sure to give yourself most of the day. I was there for almost four hours and still didn’t get through everything.

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