Restaurant Week: Little Venice

After three attempts of getting a table at one of the many participating Restaurants for Bermuda’s Restaurant Week, Little Venice welcomed my family and I with good service and quality menu selections. With three menu’s to choose from (regular daily menu, chef’s speciality menu, Restaurant Week menu), I chose the Restaurant Week menu which offered a two course meal for $29.99 and a three course meal for $39.99.

My three course meal of choice included: Mussels in marina sauce, Parpadelle (Parpadelle pasta, with italian sausage in a ragout sauce), and traditional Tiramisu.

Wine Selection: Chianti Antico

So, if you’re local and have a taste for a good italian meal or if you’re visiting the island and looking for a nice place to dine or enjoy an exceptionally good glass of wine, I suggest Little Venice. (They conveniently have an excellent wine bar next door with daily happy hour specials).


Large mussels in marinara sauce with a side of garlic bread.
Parpadelle italian sausage in ragout.
Parpadelle italian sausage in ragout.
Traditional dessert.
Traditional dessert.
Which Restaurant(s) do you suggest trying before Restaurant Week is over?

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