Fish Fry Friday

An 'order of fish' with 'half fries' from popular local carry out - Art Mel's.
An ‘order of fish’ with ‘half fries’ from popular local carry out – Art Mel’s.


Staff members took it upon themselves to order takeout for lunch from popular carry out stop, Art Mels. Once word got around the office, the order grew. I’ve never eaten from Art Mel’s although I knew it was a popular place. I’m happy to report that I was not disappointed. They gave me a lot of fish which was seasoned and fried to perfection (without any excess grease). Even though I told myself that I would lay off the french fries (Summer is right around the corner) I couldn’t resist the option of getting a ‘half order’ of fries. Half an order of fries is better than a whole order, right?  Other staff members ordered fish sandwiches on raisin bread and fish salads (green salad topped with fried fish and cheese) Maybe I will start the petition next friday as an excuse to try a different dish.

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