Hanging out at the new addition to a Bermuda home.
Hanging out at the new addition to a Bermuda home.
I recently visited a couple’s home, which is currently a small construction site because they are building on to the property.

Bermuda homes are unique and are one of the characteristics that people remember the most when they visit the Island. All homes have stone walls with a white roof. The stone walls are built to endure harsh weather conditions like hurricanes and are required to be able to endure wind speeds of over 100 mph. The white roofs are made from limestone, used to filter fresh water from rainfall to underground tanks. Most homes have one to two water tanks and residents are grateful for any type of rainfall. Otherwise, when the tanks run dry, water has to be ordered and delivered by one of the various water supply companies that will send a water truck to the residence and fill the tank with the requested supply.

Homes paint the island with a variety of pastel colors and wooden shutters.

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  1. John Marston says:

    Hi, Camille, thanks for sharing some fascinating facets about life in Bermuda. Do tell more!
    I also like how you have reformatted the blog.
    Hope you are well!
    – John

    (Audrey forwarded this to me!)

  2. Sharon H. Baber says:

    Hi Camille! Audrey shared your chronicles with me. How great it is to see what you are doing, and to be able to touch base, Would love to hear how are you, and your family. We now have a great-grandson! Can you believe it??? Life hasn’t slowed down a bit, just greatful I still have the strength to keep up! đŸ™‚ Enjoy today! Sharon Baber

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