Favorite Fruit (Seasonal)


During this time of the year, one can find a plethora of a delicious, yellow/orange colored fruit hanging from Loquat trees all over the Island. Loquats are originally native to central China but, are in abundance here in Bermuda. They are DELICIOUSLY sweet and juicy with a tough skin and a large seed to avoid in the middle. This time of year it’s not unusual to find people stopping their cars to handpick and eat them right off of the trees.
You will also find homemade products with this fruit, like jam or pies that are shared with friends and family or sold at local stores, cafe’s and roadside stands. Loquats are one of my all time favorite fruits.

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  1. Denise says:

    My company sponsors the annual Fancy Food Shows in New York and San Francisco and most recently we started to see loquat in jams. Not quite the trend that yuzu fruit is, but maybe the next big thing!

    1. It should be the next big thing because to me, they are amazing. Taste varies when it comes to jams though because of the different ways people make them. There’s a possibility that the true flavor could get lost. I recently tried a loquat jam that was pretty good and true to the flavor. As for most fruits, loquats are the best freshly picked from the tree!

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